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Ana Moura – Concert Commemorating the Day of the City of Faro

Ana Moura will be performing on the Day of the City of Faro, with her third album “Para além da Saudade (2007) comprising original and traditional Portuguese songs. Fado Blanc, Fado da Azenha, new lyrics, music and partnerships such as poems by Fausto (Nascidos do Mar), Amélia Muge (o Fado da Procura) and Nuno Miguel Guedes (Mapa do Coração) and also by Jorge Fernando, musical producer of the album, and writer and composer of some of the songs: all this will be included in the repertoire that will fill the Teatro das Figuras with music.

Date: 7 September 2007
Venue: Teatro das Figuras
Time: 10pm
Price: 5€
Tel.: 289 888 100

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